VERSA has commissioned the first ever Australian smart speaker study, “The Australian Voice Report”.  The study is an in-depth insight into smart speaker usage in the Australian Market.

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What's Inside

Right now the opportunity for brands to take advantage of this fast-growing vertical is huge. Our report uncovers the adoption, usage, ownership and awareness of Voice Assistants & smart speakers here in Australia.

Our survey measured the use of Voice in Australia, looking at assistants on mobile phones, as well as smart speakers. Amongst those already using smart speakers, usage attitudes, behaviours and trends were discovered. To understand the potential growth of the smart speaker market in Australia, the intent to purchase in the next 12 months was also surveyed.


We create unique Voice Experiences with real-time results. In the rapidly evolving Voice Experience landscape, our experienced team stands out with our attention to planning, design, and detail.

We work with some of the best minds in Australia to create the first expansive and continuously improved Alexa Skills and Google Actions, many compatible with Siri and Cortana, We are Australia's First Enterprise Level Voice Experience Agency - and rightfully proud of it. We enable accessibility for all, cutting-edge tech available to all, and giving a voice to your brand.

We're working towards a truly conversational world.


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